Day Visit for Individuals and for Groups

Explore the powerful Vortex energy of Sedona during a Day Visit to Angel Valley. Experience all the magic that Angel Valley has to offer! Visit the Sacred Sites during a Self-Guided Visit or a Facilitated Visit.

Labyrinths - Walk the 104 ft. Chartres Labyrinth and the 7-circuit Labyrinth to step away from your conceptual mind and to move into a higher level of consciousness.

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Angel Wheel - Explore the 52 ft. Angel Wheel and connect with the messengers of the Divine. Angel Circles - Connect with the Archangels and get their messages. Their love is felt in all spots.

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Vortex Circles & Chakra Sites - There is a high concentration of vortex energy, marked by stone circles. On the Chakra Sites on the east side of the creek you can balance your chakras.

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Medicine Wheel - Connect with the Ancestors. Their wisdom and love support you.
Water Wheel- Sit in the geometric pattern, to heal the waters of the planet and yourself.

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Heart - Meditate to honor the connection with your own Heart. Feel the resonance of love! 
Oak Creek - Have fun playing in or by the water. Connect with the child inside!

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Connect with the Lemurian energy. Some visitors may have a conscious memory of the lost continent. For others, the memory of the ancient Lemurian civilization may be triggered. Learn about 5th-Dimensional living.

Stay with us for a few nights in our cottages or rooms, and take your time to discover all the beauty of Angel Valley. Bring your lunch and enjoy a picnic on the dining room terrace or by the creek. Fill your bottle with water from our wells. Each well has a unique quality.


Regular opening hours in the summer 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM.
Call us if you would like to come earlier or stay later. No reservations required.
Day Visit Fee $30 per person. Locals $15. Children up to 13 free.

Facilitated Day Visit:

During your Day Visit, in addition to your self-guided experience, you can choose one of the facilitated options with one of our practitioners.


Vortex Tour or Angel Walk
An Angel Valley facilitator guides you on a 2-hour walk, focused on assisting you to make your own connections.
Reservations highly recommended.
1 or 2 persons $200,
additional person $50.
Bring your own lunch.

Mini-Vortex Tour/ Angel Walk
A 1-hour Mini-Tour is offered as an orientation and introduction to your personal explorations.
Reservations recommended.
Spontaneous sessions possible.
1 or 2 persons $120,
additional person $30.
Bring your own lunch.


Healing or Counseling Sessions
There are various types of sessions available, some of which can be enjoyed by more than 1 person.
Reservations recommended.
Spontaneous sessions possible.
Fee for a 1-hour session $150,
for 1.5-hour session $200.

In addition, there is the option of a Day Retreat.

Fees for any Session or Day Retreat include the Day Visit fee. After your facilitated walk or session, we highly recommend to schedule enough time for your self-guided experience.
Call us for more information or reservation (928) 634-1320.
Payment Policy: We prefer payments WITH CASH or BY CHECK.

NO smoking, NO alcohol, NO recreational drugs!




Group Visit: No limit to the number of visitors. Advance notice required.
Day Visit Fee
$30 per group participant for outdoor use. Use of indoor space can be made available at extra fee. Additional services or a served lunch can be arranged.

Call us for more information or reservation (928) 634-1320.
Payment Policy: We prefer payments WITH CASH or BY CHECK.


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