I AM Following My Heart's Highest Excitement

Every single one of us has the same fundamental purpose: TO BE OUR NATURAL AUTHENTIC SELF! It's no more complex than that! It is about doing what excites us the most, and being of service by doing so.

Everything else is up to us. The choice of the purpose of our life was made by our God Self, and the fact that we are present in this physical reality is almost the entire extent of what we usually refer to as predestination.

What is excitement?
Excitement, what we feel to be the physical sensation, the knowingness of ourselves that is translated as excitement, is our physical translation of the vibratory energy that represents the path we have chosen to be in this life. When something excites us more than anything else, that excitement is there to tell us three things:


The circumstance and the situation that comes into our lives at any given moment that excites us more than any other, is letting us know, "This is who and what we are. Act on it!" Excitement is the sign that many of us ask for.

The things that come with excitement are the answers, the signals, the signposts. It's tapping us squarely on the shoulder, saying: "This is what I want to be doing right now." The reason it excites me is because it is aligned with the idea of who I am.

It tells us that, if we act on it with trust and conviction, it can be the most effortless thing we will ever do, because it is who we are. We are being ourselves. The only time we have struggle and pain is when we are trying to be someone we are not, fighting the flow, buying into the definitions of what other individuals say we ought to be.

It tells us, that when a situation comes along that is more exciting than any other, this is the thing that will support us in the most abundant way, allowing us to keep doing it in a more expanded, ever spiraling way. Therefore, we will automatically be able to attract the opportunities that allow us to do the thing that excites us the most.

Excitement is the thread that leads to all other excitement, as long as we are acting on the things that excite us the most, with integrity. This means that we function as a whole, without thinking of ourselves as a collection of parts or compartments. All the different things that have our attention are all part of the same whole idea. They will all fall into place automatically when we act on the one that represents our strongest intention. Then we can flow. That is focus and trust. That is allowance. That is willingness to understand that, by definition, everything that excites us must fit, and will have a perfect timing in which to do so.

Excitement tells us:
1. This is who we are.
2. Because it is who we are, it will be an effortless creation. 
3. Because of the above, we will be able to attract the abundance we need in whatever form we need it.



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