Founders Amayra and Michael Hamilton


In 2002, Amayra and Michael were inspired to drive down a bumpy road into a secluded valley just outside Sedona. Oak Creek was flowing through it, pristine mountains were surrounding it. They felt a strong Angelic presence. The name ‘Angel Valley’ was given by Archangel Michael in a dream.

Angel Valley is a 5th Dimensional Sacred Oasis, where every person, each in their own personal way, can remember and realize that 'In Our Own Unique World and Bubble Reality, We Are God'!

Since the leap into the Unknown as Stewards of this sacred land, Michael and Amayra's faith has been tested in a variety of ways. They feel grateful for all the lessons Angel Valley has taught them! They are on an ever expanding journey of Knowing, Loving and Expressing Themselves.

On the Practitioners page you find what the services are that Amayra and Michael offer.

Transformation at Angel Valley
A tragedy occurred at Angel Valley on October 8, 2009. In the book they co-authored, Michael and Amayra are sharing their perspective on what happened, what they experienced and what they have learned from the accident. It is their wish, that the message of what took place is heard, felt and understood!


Those who work alongside with Amayra and Michael in the sacred valley are considered to be 'Co-Stewards'. They share in the joy, the benefits, the responsibilities and the tasks. The valley attracts many. Its magnifying intensity causes for some to stay shorter and for others to stay longer. No matter the length of your time at Angel Valley, your life will be impacted.


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