Knowing Myself - Loving Myself - Expressing Myself

KNOWING MYSELF - Knowing myself leads to an expanded understanding of who and what I am, my personal structure, acknowledging my beliefs, recognizing that I am infintely more than a limited physical being. 'Knowing Myself' means seeing the difference between my GOD SELF and my HUMAN SELF and choosing to trust my God Self inspiration to lead.

LOVING MYSELF - The traditional Golden Rule states: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself'. But if I do not first love myself, then how can I love another? The paradox is, when I choose to love myself more than anyone else, I will be giving more love to everyone else in my life than I ever did before! I connect with my heart, open it and follow it.

EXPRESSING MYSELF - Once I know myself and love myself, momentum is created by giving expression to who I am. This can take many forms: in words, in action, in any form of creativity I can think of. My expressing myself shows me how I can know and love myself even more. Any expressing myself is coming through my heart, with joy and passion.




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