Group Retreats

Angel Valley provides a safe and supportive environment to allow for easy transmission and reception of programs and messages.

A group event is a co-creation between the group facilitator, the participants, Angel Valley's sacred land, and our dedicated team.

During your event, the Crystal Hall is available for your activities. There are several alternative outdoor locations. Utilize the Sacred Sites and make them part of your program!

Facilitator and participants are staying in rooms or cottages.

To get to know us, please, visit our Philosophy pages. We ask you to share with us who you are. There has to be a resonance between the facilitator and us, so we can co-create in a magical way. In addition to utilizing our Sacred Sites, you may consider integrating some of our Services in your program.

Ideally, you are invited to visit us and feel for yourself whether Angel Valley is the place for you. This may inspire you to determine your activity program.
Facilitators and participants are encouraged to spend an additional day at Angel Valley before or after their group event.

Meals are vegetarian/vegan with raw/living. Ingredients are mostly organic. They are fresh and unprocessed. We cater to dietary needs.
In case Angel Valley cannot meet all your requirements, and you decide to find a different location, you may consider a Day Vist with your group.

Share, celebrate and play!

Utilize the many features Angel Valley offers by incorporating them in your event schedule. They open hearts, enhance your program, and benefit the result of your work with your participants and the fulfillment of yourself.

Groups of 10 participants or more:
There is a 3-night minimum. Included are lodging based on 2 persons per room or cabin, 1 meeting space, dinner on arrival night, 3 meals on full days, breakfast on departure morning, and use of all sacred sites on the land.
For Groups smaller than 10, conditions are slightly modified.

The Group Guidelines & Conditions and the Group Application
can be downloaded, or we can email the documents to you. After submitting your application, we work together to get ready for signing the Contract.
Please, contact us to discuss your plans.

NO smoking, NO alcohol, NO recreational drugs!

Call us for more information or reservation (928) 634-1320.
Payment Policy: We prefer payments WITH CASH or BY CHECK.


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