Energy Sites

Vortex Circles


At Angel Valley, as part of the entire Sedona area, an unusually high number of energy lines cross the land. As a result, there are many vortexes and special energy sites.
Mother Earth, Gaia, provides us with the electromagnetic and subtle energies that we need.

The spiraling energies of the vortexes influence our health and our consciousness. There are those that resonate with our energy systems and help to balance them.
The vortex energy amplifies what is going on inside of us! This could be love, joy, excitement, sadness, anger...
Are you up for it? Trust that you are safe with the Angels! 

Vortexes are places where subtle electromagnetic energies move in and out of the Earth. They are found on the energy lines and at the cross points of similar lines. There are different types of vortexes. Some vortex energy lines align with our chakras or our meridians, others correspond to various levels of our consciousness.


Chakra Sites


East of the creek we have found sites that strongly resonate with our chakras, the energy portals in our human system through which we are connected with the Cosmic Life Force. One can make a chakra journey, meditating and working on specific issues related with specific chakra.


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