Healing & Counseling Modalities during Sessions

Healing and Counseling sessions at Angel Valley are meant to empower you by looking together at your options.
You will then be able to make your own choices. Nobody knows what is best for you, but you. We offer a variety of healing modalities and counseling specialties. Some of the different modalities and concepts are combined within one session.

5th-Dimensional Principles are explored during counseling sessions. This leads to life-changing insights about your true natural Self, as you make new choices to re-pattern yourself and follow your heart.

Affirmations are powerful words and statements, like mantras, used to change our belief systems on a deep cellular level. It is a dynamic process of replacing programming that does not serve us any more.

Aura Healing occurs during various sessions. Your physical body balances with the surrounding more subtle energy bodies, together called the aura. Restoring imbalance in the aura makes you feel rejuvenated.

Breathwork & Sound Healing using Tibetan Bowls, crystal bowls, tuning forks, drums, chimes, gongs, didgeridoo and other sound instruments. Release of long-term hurts, stress and blockages occurs.

Channeled Messages from your God Self, also called your Higher Self, to your Human Self through Archangel Michael, and voiced by Michael Hamilton.

Channeled Writing is a way to connect with the invisible world through writing. It is an effective tool of comfort in grief work. It does not require special talents, just the willingness to do it.

Crystal Skulls are instruments to increase awareness, to enhance our psychic abilities, to be used for channeling and to tap into our inner wisdom. In addition, they are tools for healing.

Detox/Juice Cleanse. Removing the toxins you have collected in your body, creates a wide range of physical and emotional benefits. It creates a totally new experience of health.

Energy Work is a combination of different modalities, with minimal or without any physical touch. The practitioner uses healing skills, based on their intuition, to provide an improvement of how you feel.

Entity Removal Clearing frees you from unseen influences. It clears entities that attach to a person's energy field. It crosses these entities over into the Light and raises the vibration of the planet.

Grief Guidance helps to realize that you do not walk alone through your grief. Grieving needs its own time and its own ways to heal, and for you to come alive again. This process is natural, yet unique to each one of us.

Harp & Sound Healing provides an experience that is gentle, yet goes deeply into the subconscious. The harp in combination with crystal bowls and Tibetan bowls results in a healing that is profound.

Integrated Energy Therapy - I.E.T helps to clear negative cellular memory and imprints. It includes soulstar clearing, which reconnects you with the reasons why you chose to incarnate.

Massage at Angel Valley is unique. You receive a full-body massage on the heart chakra vortex or a chair massage by the creek. Different massage techniques are applied with an integration of other forms of energy healing.

Mayan Signature provides clarity about our Soul-purpose, the understanding of the concepts of time, timing and synchronicity, and the significance of particular relationships. Based on the 13-Moon Calendar.

Nutritional Guidance brings awareness about what our physical body needs and how our emotions are involved. We inspire you to change your eating patterns, and to do this in an emotionally fulfilling way.

Pyramid Meditation accelerates your meditative/healing experience while sitting or laying down inside the pyramid. The use of tibetan and/or crystal bowls during your session amplifies even more.

Reiki is a hands-on method that heals the physical body, stimulates the meridian system & connected organs, and aligns the chakras and endocrine gland system. In addition, it heals the emotional body.

Reiki Under The Stars in the Chartres labyrinth is available during the summer months, in combination with a Labyrinth walk.

To meet the practitioners who provide the sessions, visit our Practitioners page.
Most sessions are 90-minute sessions. Some are 60 minutes.
Most session are one-on-one. Some sessions are possible with a partner.

Fee $200 for a 90-minute session, $150 for a 60-minute session.
Call us for more information or reservation (928) 634-1320.
Payment Policy: We prefer payments WITH CASH or BY CHECK.

NO smoking, NO alcohol, NO recreational drugs!

Disclaimer: While we make every effort to ensure the reliability and benefit of services and products offered, none shall be regarded as offering medical or legal advice, diagnosing or prescribing medical treatment.


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