Angel Valley Sedona and NuLemuria attract people from all over the world to have heart-opening and life-changing experiences. Even though one can have a profound experience during a Day Visit, our different retreats are multiple days and include accommodations.

Individual Retreats

During an Individual Retreat, you have an opportunity to dive deeply into yourself, your belief systems and into the creation of how you prefer to live your life.


Your options:
* a Self-Guided Retreat on Angel Valley's sacred sites and in nature
* a Retreat with a choice of one or more Sessions by our practitioners
* an Intensive Retreat with a Program of daily Sessions with our practitioners

For details on Individual Retreats, click here

Group Retreats

A group event is a co-creation between the group facilitator, the participants, Angel Valley's sacred land, and our dedicated team. The facilitator determines the program for the group. We are holding the container for the journey that the the facilitator(s) and each participant have embarked upon.

For details on Group Retreats, click here

How We Create a Sacred, Intentional, 5-Dimensional Space:
* Awareness of the sacredness of the land, its features and its environment.
* Awareness of sensitivities and private sacred space of other guests.
* No smoking of any kind.
* No use of alcohol or any recreational drugs.
* No meats, chicken or fish prepared in our kitchen, stored in our fridfges, nor brought onto the property.
* No firearms on the property.
* No incense, sage, palo santo or scented candles inside any of the facilities.
* No perfumes or heavily scented toiletries.
* No use of (ceremonial) fire without permission.
* No parking in front of the cabins. Minimal driving.

Call us for more information or reservation (928) 634-1320.
Payment Policy: We prefer payments WITH CASH or BY CHECK.


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